Using Eulogy Samples to Write a Fantastic Eulogy Speech

Jerry Seinfield once said, “According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two! Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.” (

Being asked to give the eulogy at someone funeral is both an honor and scary at the same time. Your thought race to find just the right words to say at a time of grief and agony. If the person you are honoring is a family member or very close friend, the task may seem overwhelming.

Using a downloadable eulogy writing program is a great solution to help you prepare what to say when giving a eulogy. Eulogy writing sites have eulogy samples and can offer suggestions on how to write a funeral speech as well as points on how to deliver the eulogy.

The Careful and Caring Art of Eulogy Writing
The simplest eulogy to write is chronological. It considers everything that happened in the person’s life and tells the story of their life. You might be thinking that if the individual lived to be 90, this might take some time! The trick is to start at the beginning and pick out the highlights.

Where did the deceased person begin; where were they born? Did they have siblings? In the first decade of life, were there moments that stood out? Consider how you know the person and share a bit of that relationship. What about their relationships, did they marry and have children? Did they attend college or play sports? Consider their achievements both academically and professionally. Consider the character and personality of the person you are eulogizing. Did they have a sense of humor? Think about all the admirable qualities of the person.

Finally, put a lot of thought into what you are going to miss the most about the person. The careful and caring art of writing a eulogy does not have to be a burden if you follow a few prompting questions. There are many examples of eulogies available online to help you through the process and to use as a guide.

Funeral for a Friend
Preparing a eulogy for a friend who has passed away is a way to honor the life of your friend. It is important to include personal stories that you shared, but to also include experiences from their life with other people: family, friends and colleagues as well. You should include in your eulogy your friend’s achievements.

It might be helpful when you are preparing, to read eulogy examples for friends online or to use one of the downloadable eulogy writing programs available. These programs can help you put your thoughts on paper and then organize them to help you deliver a beautiful and flawless tribute of your friend.

The Problem with the Premade Funeral Speech
The obvious problem with premade funeral speeches is that unless the speech was written for the person you are eulogizing, there may be nothing in common between the two. In most cases, you are left with rewriting the eulogy to resemble the person who has passed away.

However, there are eulogy samples, or templates that can be very useful in helping you write a beautiful tribute.

When Should a Eulogy be Funny?
Since the whole reason for a eulogy is to pay tribute to the person who has passed away, whether or not a eulogy should be funny really depends on the personality and character of the deceased. It is certainly acceptable to tell a humorous story relating to the person being remembered.

Sharing a funny or embarrassing memory that brings about laughter is a great way to honor someone who has passed and cheer up the funeral service. Sharing with the gathering funny anecdotes made by the deceased is another way to show their more humorous side. It is important to stay within the general parameter of a eulogy: the introduction and conclusion should be endearing and in between, you can share the humorous side. It is appropriate for ask family and friends to share their funny stories about the loved one.

An example of a humor in the eulogy was delivered during Sonny Bono’s service by Cher. Cher told the story of their first encounter when Sonny he told her that he was a descendant of Napoleon, but that his father had shortened the name and he didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. The humor was received and the people in the audience laughed. Laughter can bring healing at even the darkest and saddest of moments.

Writing a Eulogy for a Parent or Grandparent
Writing a eulogy for a father, mother or grandparent can be a great way to pay tribute to the close family member who has passed away. When preparing to write the eulogy, give careful consideration to your relationship with the loved one.

Refer to the person as “father”,” mother,”, “grandfather” or “grandmother.” Discuss the important events and achievements in their life, but spend time discussing the relationship you had with the person. If other people are giving eulogies, it may be possible for you to spend more time discussing how you will remember your father, mother or grandparent. Use humor to share your stories and be brief. Other people may be speaking, so keep your eulogy to an appropriate length.

Writing a Memorable Eulogy
Writing a memorable eulogy takes a little creativity, but if you prepare well, collect your stories, poems and information; you can deliver a eulogy people will remember for many years to come.

The most important aspect of writing a memorable eulogy is to collect background information on the person you are paying tribute. You should sum up his or her life: their beginnings, achievements, relationships, etc. You might talk about how they met their spouse, or a sport they played in college, or how they began a hobby or interest that was important to them.

If the person being honored had a favorite poem or song, you might want to quote a verse or memorable line from the poem or song. Likewise regarding a favorite movie scene or actor quote.

Organize your information and put it in narrative form that is no longer than five or ten min

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