Things That You Can Take Away From Eulogy Examples

writing a best eulogy speechThere is no doubt that a eulogy can be one of the most difficult speeches that you can ever give so the use of eulogy examples can give you an idea of what you need to do and say during your speech. Eulogy samples are there to give you guidance about things that you could be saying but not so that you plagiarize the sample itself. There are plenty of samples available online and through specific websites. Reading a few of them is highly recommended, especially if you have never given or seen a eulogy before. So what are the things that you can take from examples of eulogies?

The Tone

The first thing that you can get from a eulogy example is the tone for the eulogy you will be giving. The tone depends on who you are giving the eulogy for. A eulogy for father, for example, or mother is a lot different than the type of eulogy you would give for a friend. The tone also depends on the people who will be attending the funeral. The tone should be kept serious with just a touch of humor. Trying to be too funny can be offensive to some people in attendance. So if you do not know the people coming to the funeral, then just sprinkle one or two funny lines in your speech.

Avoid Writer’s Block

It can be very common to get writer’s block when writing a eulogy. That is because you are going through an emotional rollercoaster while at the same time you also have the pressure to say all the right things. By looking at eulogy examples, you will be able to avoid writer’s block because you will have many ideas right in front of you for the things that you can say and how you can say them. Take your time to analyze the things that you read in the Samples and think how they may apply to your own speech.


Organizing your thoughts may be one of the hardest things to do about your speech. There are so many things that you want to say and such a limited time to say them. You can look at the way a sample is written and look at the way the speech is organized. Most of the time a chronological organization works great but go with what feels right to you. It is not easy to learn how to write a eulogy but by using samples, you will be making your life a lot easier during these tough days. Look at the details of the speech and how they are placed in it. Use it as a roadmap for writing your own speech.

Make It Real

The reason why you should not be copying a eulogy speech is because then you will not be telling the truth when you get up there. This is one of the most important speeches that you can give and it does not have to be phenomenal. All that it has to be is something that comes from the heart. If you right your speech from the heart, it is almost impossible to go wrong. Do not try to add emotion when you write the speech, meaning do not fake any emotions. If you feel sad or happy about a memory, then go with that.

Use The Help Of Courses

A lot of the samples that you will read for your funeral speech come from websites that specialize in giving you additional help for writing the eulogy. You should consider using the additional help as it is there for you from experts. If you have never seen or written a eulogy yourself, then it becomes even more important to use the assistance of a professional. Some courses are given through these professional websites and though they may take a couple of hours to go through it, it may end up saving you hours of writer’s block.


By going through samples, you will also be able to see some of the words that can cause a little more impact than others. The use of keywords in speeches is done all the time either to convince a person or to make a point clear. The use of those keywords in your speech will allow you to keep control of the speech itself. Look at the most powerful words in the samples that you read and see which ones apply to the person you are writing the speech for. Throwing these words here and there will make the speech more memorable and will make it more likely that you get through it as you will feel in charge of what is happening.


One very important thing that you can take from reading samples for writing the eulogy is self-comfort. A funeral is a hard time for everyone but knowing that you are not alone by reading the words of others can help put in perspective the fact that people have gone through the same as you. It is a sense of camaraderie even when you have never met a person that you are reading a sample from. Another thing that should give you some sort of comfort is to know that other people will probably be using the same samples that you are using yourself right now.

Making It Special

By reading a few samples, you will probably get some of the same traits that you would find in the person you are giving the eulogy for. You would think that finding the same traits on other people would make your speech less special, but in fact it is the contrary. You are finding the same traits but by using your own words to describe that trait, you can make your speech very much special. Keep in mind that you are just using the writings of others as a roadmap and maybe even a little inspiration but you will be writing your own speech and that in itself makes it a great accomplishment.


Using other speeches when writing your own can also give you a lot of inspiration. Think of it as the most powerful speech that you have ever heard which inspired you and made you want to tell others about it. By looking at other people’s words, you may find the inspiration necessary to write your own. This inspiration can be a powerful tool when you are writing a speech because it can make the words flow a lot easier. Even when you think you are done with your speech, you should come back in a few hours and check it again for anything you may want to change. Need some great eulogy examples? Check out EulogiesMadeEasy.


The final thing that you should be taking from a sample of a eulogy is your very own self-confidence. Being prepared for something will make it seem a lot easier and that is exactly what you are doing when you are looking through samples. It is the same way that you would get that self-confidence if you were writing a research paper; when you know you have the facts and that you have them well-organized, it is a lot easier to deliver the contents of your speech.

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