The results of a big night are fixed with a fake doctors note

Friday nights with your friends after a long week at work is priceless. My friends are like my second family, they are very supportive and are also very important in my life, we try to get together at least twice a week and every now and then we go out for drinks. My friend Mary is getting married and we were celebrating, we went to a new bar where you get a costume once you enter and there is a time during the night when you are supposed to change costumes with someone that is either from the same movie, or that is related to your costume, the goal it is of course, that you meet new people.

We had a blast watching how everyone after a couple of drinks couldn’t match their costume with anyone and starting running around the bar trying to find a match. Aside from this novelty, shots were very cheap, after the third round of changing costume we decided we were very drunk and went to get something to eat.

It was almost 4 am in the morning and we were tired and drunk walking to a takeaway shop. I work one-hour driving from my place with no traffic, as for the other girls, they are all unemployed and still live with their parents. They could stay all day in bed recovering with their curtains shut and heaps of juice.

Most of them insisted on getting one of those products in a pharmacy against hangover, but why buying one of those when you can make yourself a fake doctors note and miss work, instead of showing up hungover and tired. In this situation, fake doctor’s excuse notes are the best option left for workers who can’t go to work without any valid reason. Print your own fake doctors’ note from

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